Maria’s unique voice emphasizes humor, and her self-reflection has been
deep. She brings spiritual and emotional depth together with scientific fact, and
then transforms both with her ever-present sense of humor. She makes people
feel comfortable about the disease and then comforts them.
  Rev. Scotty McLennan
                                                                                             Dean of Religious Life Stanford U
                                                                                             Author Finding Your Religion

An elegant and inspiring expression of the human spirit.
Rev. John E. Brooks, S.J.
                                                                                              President Emeritus
                                                                                             College of the Holy Cross

The photographs reveal the poignancy, as well as the unexpected humor, of being
treated for cancer
The Boston Globe

Maria uses humor in a sensitive and comforting way. She has terrific insight and
the ability to put confusing, painful thoughts into perspective and make everyone
around her feel better. Patients and family members laugh out loud while viewing
her exhibit. Others then join in, laugh together, and begin talking, telling their own
stories.  It is inspiring to watch.
Ruth Sherman, R.N., MS
                                                                                                   Oncology Clinical Specialist
                                                                                                   Harvard Vanguard Med Assoc.

I know Margaret Thatcher, Margaret Thatcher is a friend of mine, and Maria
Judge is tougher than Margaret Thatcher.
Gen John R. Galvin, USArmy Ret.
                                                                         Dean, Fletcher School

Your photo essay will help people understand what living with cancer is like and
provide encouragement to other sufferers
   Lady Margaret Thatcher

Your exhibit is magnificent and I am certain that your work has inspired many …
you have taken control of your illness, reached out to others and helped them
Eileen M. Donoghue, Mayor
                                                                                                 Lowell MA
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